The beginning of spring

The beginning of spring

The beginning of spring - this is a paradise for viruses and bacteria circling around us and lurking for YOR health.

Antibiotics that we are taking have the task of destroying dangerous bacteria in the intestine, the cause of the disease. However, antibiotics cannot distinguish the type of bacteria, therefore, along with dangerous bacteria also kill those beneficial for us.

That is why it is so important to take the right probiotics after antibiotic treatment. Our bacterial flora needs... ATTENTION !!! 4 years to rebuild itself. Therefore, let's reach for probiotics, for good probiotics, because otherwise, a relapse due to the poor condition of the bacterial flora is inevitable.

When is the probiotic effective?

For the effectiveness of probiotic products, the number of bacteria that survive the critical phase of passage through the stomach passage on the way to the intestines is decisive. The hydrochloric acid in the stomach destroys the bacteria and deprives them of their effectiveness.

PRO 12 LR has double microcapsules that protect bacteria more effectively than many other probiotic products, 1 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule,12 different bacterial strains.

CHECK if your probiotic has double protection to enter the intestines? This is the intestines is 80% of our immunity. Check if your probiotic reaches the intestine or its effectiveness ends at the stomach stage